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legislation. >>> november 10th, 2013. the month after the obamacare exchange is open for business. thousands of university of miami and virginia tech fans party outside of sun life stadium. but this is more than a pregame tailgate bash. it sounds a lot like a call to civil disobedience. >> thousands of people will sign up for obamacare? >> hopefully. >> john feinberg, the president of generation opportunity would deny that. >> you have been traveling the country telling young people to ignore the law? >> no, not at all. >> oh, come on, we have cameras falling you around and you tell young people to opt out. >> no doubt we are telling people to opt out. >> are you ready to opt out of obamacare, right? >> yeah. t possible decision about their health care. they shouldn't pay three times the amount for health care, not for themself but to pay for an older generation. >> for obamacare to work, young, healthy people must pay into the system and not make my claims on it. that way their premiums will subsidize, older, sicker people, who statistically speaking will use more health care services. on t
. the truth obamacare, this all makes sense. as soon as i am paying for the health care, why can't i tell you who to sleep with, when to brush your teeth or floss. >> you can't get the cream filled whatever with the food stamp dollars. if it's your hard owned money and you want to eat the trans fats on christmas, why should the government not be able to tell you. >> there are authoritarian outcomes and you'll see them soon. they make sense under obama care. >> we had the biggest obesity epidemic as a result of the food pyramid that they were totally inaccurate about. do you trust your federal government to tell what you to eat? let us know,
amerins through the obamacare website. just under 365 people have signed up for obamacare in the first two months. and at less than a third of the 1.2 million people that officials have projected to enroll nationwide by the end of last month. kathleen sebelius appeared for only a second time since the debut of the obamacare website in october. she testified and came prepared. calling for an investigation of herself, her very own website. and speaker boehner blasted conservative critics announced by senator murray and congressman paul ryan. joining us now is a member of the houston public and leadership. congressman bob good law, the chairman of the house judiciary committee. it's great to have you with us, mr. chairman. >> always great to be with you in your viewers. >> and that is a prsident who does not do entitlement reform, a sentiment and transcended that will not do entitlement reform. that is what the problem is here. we can't get them here without doing tax increases. and that includes the current spending for the rest of the year and unfortunately we don't have 218 votes to do tha
old. observe obamacare goes into effect on january 1st. but more problems with the website could bring a chaotic beginning to the new year. >> there probably will be glitches. there have been glitches before and there probably will be glitches moving forward. >> we'll discuss obamacare in 2014 with former governor howard dean, and dr. scott gottlieb of the american enterprise institute. then nsa leaker edward snowden releases a christmas message with more warnings about government surveillance. >> a child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all. >> reporter: we'll ask two members of the house intelligence committee, chairman mike rogers and congressman adam schiff how to strike the balance between security and privacy. >>> plus our sunday panelists make their predictions for the year ahead. in politics, entertainment, sports and more. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> and hello again from fox news in washington. it's been a tough year for obamacare with a disastrous website rollout and disappointing enrollment numbers. but the president's health plan faces eve
agree it's tha biggest story of 2013 and it's not even over yet. the obamacare rollout disaster. >> you've probably heard that hasn't worked as smooth as it should. >> you're encouraging people tol go to a site that doesn't meet p safety standards.. >> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep -- keep, keep your health care plan, period. our group health care has been canceled.ha >> this is an unmitigated disaster. >> our panel joins us. r welcome to you all. steve, first to you.ld could the rollout have been any worse?wi >> it's hard to imagine how. from the beginning you had the problems with the actual front end of the website. end you've been seeing stories aboud the extensive problems with theu back end data from the website. it's hard to imagine that just e from a technical stand point o things could have been worse. you - layer on top of that the fact that the president has had to go back on his main promise i would say in selling obamacare. if you like your plan, you can n keep not only has he had to break th that promise, we understand ce cl
2 million people have signed up for obamacare health policies. but are these numbers for real? and are the deadlines to sign up and pay up for it, is that real? why is the obama team pushing back against calls from other liberals to get a real ceo to run the program? the obamacare enrollment numbers may be fuzzy but the raft of new obamacare taxes about to kick in are entirely real. you may not know much about them, but after tonight you will. thanks to our guest, grover norquist, who will run it down for us. and how can you ask the richest people in america for donations for the church while the pope is criticizing the very capitalist practices that created the wealth in the first place? new york's cardinal timothy dolan about to tell us in an exclusive cnbc interview. all those stories and much more coming up in "the kudlow report," beginning right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." it's a pleasure to be back after the christmas vacation. we are live here at 7:00 p.m. eastern and 4:00 p.m. pacific. obamacare coverage begins in jus
tonight they're called young invins ibltion. and the success of obamacare may depend on them. but who are they? and courting once again. downton abbey is back. fervent fans in full character as the dramatic saga continues. >> people who have no brirve brh heritage, look to the british as the penultimate of how to look and dress. >> good evening everyone, thanks for joining us. joie chen is on assignment. i'm adam may. on thursday we warned you about that massive storm bearing down on the east coast, it certainly lived up to its expectations. it blanketed the east obligate with it freezing temperatures. the process of dirging out and cleaning -- digging up and cleaning out is just begun. hundreds of thousands all across the northeast woke up to a blanket of snow and frigid single digit temperatures. the snow dumped up to two feet of snow in massachusetts. reports of wind gusts more than 50 miles an hour for the wind chill factor as low as 9 minus 0 degrees. >> we worry about hypothermia. >> three major highways just outside new york city where more than an inch of snow is going sideway
, the year of obamacare has arrived. hello, everyone. i'm in tonight for sean. coverage on the new obamacare marketplace kicked off yesterday and the individual mandate is now the law of the land. to say the future of the train wreck is uncertain would be a monumental under statement. a houston area hospital is blaming obamacare for being unable to pay employees for nearly a month saying the contractor is delaying payments to hospital. there are reports of this happening around america but medical professionals aren't the only ones impacted because 11 short months from now a day of reckoning for obamacare will arrive and the lawmakers who helped pass the affordable care act will be held accountable. a major ad campaign targeting kay haguen in north carolina, mary landrieu in louisiana and jeanne shaheen. watch. >> i was shocked when i got the notice my health care policy was cancelled. kay told us if you like your insurance plan and doctor, you can keep them. it wasn't true. now i have a temporary policy that costs me 20% more. next year my costs go up another $4500. kay haguen just doesn't
disturbing. >> oh, i see you chose to sign up for obamacare. >> actually my first time here. >> here you are then. change into a gown and the doctor will see you soon. >> just when you thought the battle over obamacare couldn't get any nastier. consider this, this video was posted on youtube, together with one on a young man getting a prostate exam. these videos weren't made by a far out fringe group. instead, they are part of a well organize straight campaign to get young people not to buy health insurance. without them, obamacare would have a hard time succeeding. comment an hour surfing around, along the scarier ones are ones that argue it's a pocketbook issue. some are orchestrated. and self-styled newscasts, equating obamacare with socialism. >> this provision forces americans to sell things high or unfortunate circumstances is passed along to everyone else. >> the group that made the uncle sam videos, generation opportunity, ha has ties to charles and david coke. the white house has been making an efforts of its own to reach young people, including reminding them of one easy way th
and the lies he told. >> we didn't think it was going to happen, sean. right as we turn into 2014 the obamacare is turning around. the white house is turning the corner. so he's got momentum going into 2014. >> wasn't 2013 the year we saw the obama presidency collapse. we had the wiretapping scandal which touched millennials and this -- >> who thinks this was the year of obama's collapse? >> i agree with you. that's a great analysis. the year of the collapse. obamacare to top it all off, it was a terrible year for the president. we have seen his disapproval ratings. americans don't have faith in the commander in chief. >> you're with the huffington post? >> not anymore. >> you were. so was this a good year for obama? >> i think when you talk about the collapse i don't see an administration collapse at all. i see a health care rollout that had a lot of bumps but now the website is working. people are are -- >> working? half the website isn't built. he has the lowest approval rating at the end of a fifth year than any president since richard nixon. george w. bush had a higher approval rating. >>
now to obamacare. officially the law of the land. 2 million people now have medical coverage zero obamacare because of a late surge in enrollment, and nearly 4 million are qualify for coverage through medicaid. the obama administration is not saying how many of those 2 million enrolled in private insurance plans actually a plate -- paid the first premium, payment that is to combat the latest, by next friday. house energy and commerce committee chairman says the figure is critical. >> time will tell as to the hospitals, physicians demand terms of whether people are actually -- that show up are actually -- payments will be made, how many people will actually write the check to get into the system. lou: we have some indication on how many people of pain at first premium and we will be taking that up without panel tonight on obamacare. the white house, we want to bring you up today, also forced to defend its obamacare contraception mandate after a challenge from justice sotomayor who was appointed by president obama, temporarily exempting to catholic church affiliated non profits from
. justice sonia sotomayor block a key provision of obamacare setting up a legal battle. patti ann: a man thought to be dead for a year has just been arrested. bill: people lining up around the block to buy pot. marijuana is legal in colorado. >> i would rather use cannabis than xanax. it helps me a lot. than the research this man has at his disposal is how he puts it to work for his clients. morning. morning. thanks for meeting so early. co on in. [ male annncer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. patti ann: well wishes are pouring in from across the country for former first lady barbara bush. she remains hospitalized for a respiratory illness. >> she is in great spirits and getting great care over at methodist. we are very pleads and we are taking it one day at a time. patti ann: president obama says michelle and i sends our best wishes for her recovery. barbara is blessed to have both a loving spirit and a family by her side. bill: supreme court justice blocking obamacare for a group of nuns in a charity group. happy new year to you, stephen. you say the injunction is not
of obamacare not making the system better, but it has done real damage. republicans offer an alternative? >> they have lots of alternatives. they can make it easier across state lines and make it easier to get access to those had instructed out and parents cess to those policies. there are lots of alternatives and improvements to the system we used to have that republicans have written. unfortunately, obamacare with its state-controlled and centralize control of what has to be in a policy has really undermined flexibility, competition. >> i think republicans, this is a trap for them in a way. they paid a price for it in 2012 here and even in the fall, the vast majority of the american people say to not get rid of how to report. bowman it and fix it. that is where they are. -- they say to implement it and fix it. that is where they are. this is the trap. they are hearing health care. it is an obsession. they want the congress to focus on jobs and the economy. >> that is really wishful thinking. 65% of the electorate does not support the program. for the vast majority of people, prices hav
with a scandal at the nsa. a government shutdown in the fall. and then, the dismal rollout of obamacare. yale university's library gave its top spot on the list of quotes of 2013 to the president's apology on health care. >> with respect to the pledge i made that if you like your plan you can keep it. the way i put that forward unequivocally ended up not being accurate. >> and the first session of the 113th congress now holds the dubious distinction of being the least productive in recent history. it has all laid the groundwork for the important mid term elections that come up in 2014, so what should we expect in our new year? joining us is michael shuer. a correspondent for al jazeera america. and here in our studio is tom daugherty, a political strategist, and political contribute to governor pataki. we do have the debt ceiling coming around on february 7th, that's the date we're looking towards, very close tot gop primaries that expect in march. do you expect any drama? >> yes. because paul ryan, the chairman of the budget committee in house, said we can't get nothing for raising the debt
. >> thank you for your time. >> obamacare is about health insurance, but it is about more than that. it is about the final nail not coffin of the constitutional system. obamacare is an attack on the comerous clause. the purpose of the commerce clause was to promote commerce in the states. not to kill commerce. it promoted private property right and trade. new jersey and pennsylvania were fighting each other and they had to fix that. so it was pro-trade and commerce. the notion that the commerce clause can be used by congress to com pel individuals and then force them to enter into a private contract with a private company. the private company is forced to offer a policy it doesn't want to and the individual is forced to pay for it. that is going to be the end because then the government can force us to do all kind of things. >> sunday best selling author, lawyer and regan official mark levin takes calls and questions in-depth. live for three hours. booktv's in-depth the first sunday of every mopth month. and online we will discuss the book so read the book and join the discussion. u
, most would agree, it is the biggest story of 2013 and it's not even over yet. the obamacare rollout disaster. >> you probably heard that hasn't worked as smoothly as it was supposed to work. >> one of the greatest web site disasters in history. >> do you have any idea what your insurance will jump up to at that point. >> i'm locked out of the ken site. go to a site that doesn't meet safety standards. >> that's on me. if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able it to keep, keep, keep your healthcare plan, period. >> they sent me a cancellation notice. i'm going to have to get new insurance. >> our group health plan has been cancelled. >> this is obviously an unmitigated disaster that will get worse. >> and our panel joins us the weekly standard steve hayes, the hill's elise hill beck and byron york. welcome to you all. steve, first to you, could the rollout have been any worse? >> it's hard to imagine how it could have been any worse. from the very beginning, you had the problems with the actual front end of the web site. you have been seeing stories over the pa
of this year? >> obamacare for me. i was working on your show so much with obamacare. definitely watching the whole package with all of them together. the boston marathon bombing. that united our country with a tragedy. also zimmerman shook our country. it was tragic. uh you hear sound bites from the parent who is lost their son. brought up so many racial iss issues. >> zimmerman an the knock out game. then the government shutdown and obamacare. a lot went on. what was the top story? >> i think the obamacare roll out has been significant. everything leading up to that. obamacare was really -- that was where it took its course. disenchantment with the current policieses. >> was this a good year for barack obama? you're his big supporter. >> he's had better years. 2012 was certainly better. he saw a huge uptick with the government shutdown that was squandered when the website went -- >> by the $600 million, three and a half years and the botched roll out and broken promises and lies about obamacare? >> obamacare is turning around. the white house is turning the corner. so he's got momentum
>>> ringing in the new year with day one of obamacare. will it be a happy year for an embattled president? this is "special report." >>> and good evening, i'm john robertson for great bear. the first day of the new year, love it or hate it america is operating under a new set of rules for health care. the fact officially -- the affordable care act went on line with the start of the new year but one of the key kpoendents did not make the journey. molly henneberg has our top story. >> reporter: president obama's legal team has until friday morning to submit a response to supreme court justice sonia sotomayor who last night before joining in the ball drop in new york's time square, over turned an appeal courts decision and said that the obama administration has to hold off on enforcing the obamacare contraception mandate on nuns. the little sisters of the poor, a denver based order of nuns oppose birth control and do not want it included in health insurance for their employees who help in nursing homes for low income people, 30 nationwide. >> in the course of one year they would se
at whether obamacare and the white house can recover. plus, on a sunny afternoon in april -- [ explosion ] -- two deadly explosions rocked boston in one of the worst terror attacks since 9/11. while in florida, a murder trial ignites a national debate on racial profiling. >> not guilty. so say we all. >> the white house was rocked by scandal over the murder of four americans in benghazi and reports about uncle sam spying on americans, and revelations of the irs targeting the president's political rivals. >> with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, washington has taken its eye off the ball. >> reporter: while the new leader of the catholic church draws huge crowds with a powerful message. plus, how a group of guys in camo competed with a southern chef -- ♪ blurred lines -- and a barely dressed singer for the top spot in celebrity news tonight on "the kelly file, 2013." welcome to a special kelly file where we'll try to fcatch you u on the stories of the t last year. many of them are ongoing. tonight we begin with the signature legislation. the
blasting the obamacare fixes and insists the illegal actions must stop. they're taking kathleen sebelius and cabinet members. >> why do you say the president is breaking the law? >> greta, this is the president supposed to enforce the laws not forbid the enforcement of laws. what we're seeing time after time over the past few months the president found the obamacare law put him and his political future in a corner. he goes about trying to change the law. repeatedly over the past few months the president has forbid the enforcing of the law or change the law to suit his ends. he does so unconstitutionally. only congress can pass a law. the president does not have the power to make up a law and judge credibility acting as a court. we got away from that when we got away from britain. we have the president acting like the king of the united states. >> where do you're draw the line? congress legislates they write the laws and the president ex kuex execut executes. they can drop one charge and agree to another. how do you know the president has crossed the line going beyond executing the law an
. >> a failed obamacare rollout and a lie that you could keep your doctor cost the president and handed him his lowest approval ratings of his presidency. but does bad news for the president mean good news for the republicans? we have more on the political landscape tonight. >>> and last-minute changes are making insurance companies scramble to accommodate the president and his law after a disastrous skart for obamacare in 2013 and what surprised still lie ahead. >>> and the catholic church wins a court victory against obamacare. will 2014 be the year the bridge control mandate is scrapped from the health care law once and for all. >>> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> wow! [ applause ] >> thank you to huckabee at the fox news studios. and 2013 started with followers of president obama feeling like they were the world. there was a confidence, even an arrogance over winning the 2012 elections and it transferred into a new level of partisanship. he was cocky thinking his pals in the press would never hold him accountable for a dread physical economy, jobless, cronyism with billions
here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. i'll see you monday. you monday! >>> the obamacare horror stories are starting to roll in. people waiting for hours while hospitals struggle to confirm their covered. emergency rooms piling up and more evidence private insurance companies might need a taxpayer bailout. we'll give you the latest. also the 2014 midterm election battles starting for real. big money from the koch brothers to knock off democrats is getting stuffed into the campaign war chests. will the republicans have what it takes to regain the senate in november? and ben bernanke gives an optimistic farewell address claiming qe boosted the recovery. but aren't we really headed for a multiyear fed tightening cycle? that's his gift to janet yellin. those stories and much more coming up on "the kudlow report" beginning right now. >>> good evening, everyone, i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we are live here 7:00 p.m. sxeern eastern and 4:00 p.m. pacific. much of the east coast digging out from a big snowstorm today and man,'s is it cold. single digits here in new york. nbc n
flu virus. in our next guest is predicting that obamacare enrollment will grow. that is because of the massive subsidies for up to 62% of americans. and thomas, his gray tabby with us. >> thank you for having me. lori: let's get the number 70 obamacare enrollment. to the best of your knowledge, how many of the key younger healthy americans have found that we need 2.7 million of them by the end of next year. >> not many of them. lou: lori: 60% of americans. it is a matter of information coming up there's been a lot of confusion signing up for this as well. but once you get the plan, the dollar is rolling out the door and it's huge. and there are big incentives. lori: they've also increased the marriage penalty as well. >> yes, plugging in the calculator for a family of four, and you can basically get a bronze plan for nothing. the government pays 10,000 and basically and $60,000 a year, above the 50% line. you will get a big subsidy. i don't think it's right that the giant subsidy. lori: the costs are astronomical for consumers. >> you get subsidized and there are buffers in ther
now view obamacare as a bad idea. but asking what should shape their view almost 60 percent cited the health care law as a principal factor and to show the the illustration is nowhere near in rollingroug 7 million americans to the web site just under 365,000 people have signed up in the first two months just one less than one-third of the th 1.2 billion that was originally projected by the end of last month. while 365,000 have bought private insurance it would be double that. they would be eligible to join medicaid. or again unrolled on the 44 applicants through the end of last month. hhs secretary sebelius appeared before congress for only the second time sincered the debut in october and testified energy and commerce committee called for the investigation of her very own web sites in mecca have passed our inspector general to investigate thee. development including acquisition and overall management and performance and payment of contractors speaker boehner blasted theco budget deal announced by senator murray and joiningr is now a member of the leadership of the chairmanood of
million people signing up for obamacare this month, nearly 10 times more additional people than in the first two months of the disastrous rollout combined and good news on the surface for the white house at this point which for months have been battling the fallout surrounding the beings, the crashes and here comes the word -- glitches -- associated with which was supposed to deliver the exchanges and choices for health care. and critics continue to point out that just more than 1 million enrollees will include a high number of people signing up for medicaid, poor americans. and that enrollment still coming far short of the 7 million people who were expected to sign up for insurance altogether. california republican congressman darrell issa said the enrollments don'make up for plans that were canceled because of the affordable care act. >> this 318 million americans, 1 million getting on subsidized health care and in many cases probably another million getting on medicaid as a result of obamacare and 6 million people who had plans they liked that have been thrown
>>> and one small business owner isn't giving thanks to obamacare, saying it could cost him millions of in the new year. we are all over that tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time right on fox business network. i'll be your host. >>> i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, jessie waters, debuta perino and jedda dia perino. it is 5:00 and this is "the five." >> 2013 is winding down but before we ring in 2014, let's visit the top news stories of the year. what were the hot topics you heard on "the five," here is looking back. >> if you like your doctor, you keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you keep your health care plan. >> i'm sorry they are finding themselves in different situations from what they heard from me. >> i will speak until i can no longer speak. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> i intend to speak in support of defunding obamacare until i am no longer able to stand. >> we, the jury, duly impanelled and sworn in the above entitled action upon our oath do find the defendant count one, first-degree murder, guilty. >> help me, i'm aman
on in 2014. three out of six of those resolutions focused on obamacare. it's been a better month for the health care roll. enrollment surged, the website is working better. but there's still a lot of unanswered questions and republicans are going to really keep their foot on the throttle to go after democrats on this issue in 2014. so the fact that half of these resolutions focused on obamacare is telling. >> julie, what might the democrats have recommended as republicans as resolutions? >> don't shut the government down, a whole host of not let people like troy aiken get the republican nomination and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. if i was the rnc, i would make that number one, to make sure no more troy aikens -- >> sam, do you have a personal resolution that you're making? >> that is putting me on the spot. i'm trying to keep my in box at sow r zero. >> i tried that today. i got down to 12. jonathan, anything on tap for you? >> i'm going to say that you guys are not going to succeed in your new year's resolutions of keeping your inbox at zero. >> especially when the ca
tonight on a snowy evening in new york city and across much of the northeast. it is day two of obamacare. we are getting new numbers from the white house now on enrollment. the question for most of america, is your health care better now than it was a year ago. welcome to "the kelly file." the white house reported more than 2 million people enrolled, it says, in the federal and state exchanges. they hoped it would be 3 million. it's fallen short. we still don't know how many of those 3 million people, 2 million people have paid for the plans. how many of them have coverage or what happened to the 6 million people who were kicked off their plans due to obamacare. what we are hearing -- insurers are reportedly getting thousands of faulty applications. 11 attorneys general are slamming the president's health care fixes as illegal and one of the supreme court justices nominated by president obama has temporarily blocked parts of the health care law from taking effect. host of power play on fox live, chris, here we are in 2014 when obamacare goes into full swing. we've got, according
of al qaeda, when you look at the failures of this affordable care act, obamacare, because they're nowhere near the numbers they need, this is where you need leadership to step up to convey a true, principled message and have the policies that support that message. >> off the top of your head, who right now living politician do you consider a statesman over a politician? >> very few. and i will tell you that -- >> give me at least one name. there's got to be someone. >> greta, i have to be very honest. i don't see the person -- when i look at aleader, i'm talking about someone, such as ronald reagan when he said, mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. i'm looking at someone that can sit across from our enemies and make them fear and respect whoer and go out there with conviction and tell the american people our better days are ahead of us. >> congressman, thank you. >> always a pleasure. thank you. >>> up next, i'm going to go off the record. i don't know about you, but i'm sick and tired of some people. who might that be? that's after the break. >>> plus, the little sisters of the
will have a live report. the biggest test for obamacare is coming up as millions of americans who signed up for the insurance start using it. what can we expect? t former governor mitt romney weighs in. >> it is not just that the president tells people they have to buy health insurance. it is that he tells them what health insurance they have to buy. >>> iraqi government forces are pushing back against al qaeda militants who virtually have taken over the western cities, key cities. the iraqi defense ministry released footage it says shows the bombing of an al qaeda hideout in the province where those would cities are located. john kerry says the current battle is iraq's to fight. >> the secretary of state, john kerry, says that he is keeping a close eye on what is happening in iraq's anbar province. that's where fighters are battling to keep their grip on fallujah and ramadi. cities they have taken over from local authorities in past few days. secretary kerry is now promising to send american help soon but is not going to send american troops and this is why. >> this is a fight that belongs
and the gulf of mexico u.s. oil production. gregg: we could soon be in for an obamacare hangover. beginning tomorrow many new even controlees may not be able -- many purchase enrollees may not be able to use their insurance. stuart varney host of varney and company, what do you think we are look at here? >> reporter: i'll give you a news item what some people think is about to happen. walgreens is offering a one-month morer toup on paying for prescription drugs. they see the confusion and chaos that's about to start. the insurers are scrambling to sign people up and confirm payments. but as of monday only half of those who had been build by insurers, only half them actually paid up. those are figures from a billing firm. only half the people who have been build for coverage, only half of them have actually paid up. the other half presumably does not have coverage. what happens 12:01, early tomorrow morning, what happens if you have got a claim. what happen if you show up and you have not been fully confirmed as having coverage? i think there is a period of chaos and confusion coming and it
it out fast enough that they had 2.1 million obamacare signups. the december number came out so fast, our heads were spinning. so how about the number of who is enrolling, who's enrolling? that's the information we need. today the white house press secretary, jay carney, claiming that demographic data isn't available yet. you buy that? >> look, how do you get 2.1 million names and we don't even have a computer -- it didn't spit out the ages of them all, the residences where these folks live, do they have pre-existing conditions? the computer has got to have all that information come out all at once if it's anything beyond the 1950s computer. >> it seems to me that -- i suspect that information's available. i suspect he could put a search function in and ask something. i can do that on e-mail. >> look what he's done. he's going to have a secondary story which is negative. this obama careis turning into the death of a thousand cut for these folks. they never get the benefit of the doubt because the president when out there with -- if you like your remember plan, you can keep it, because the
. >>> thinking about calling a doctor on obamacare, how about calling a ceo? hi, everyone. from the oval office to the corner office, according to reports, some of the esident's closest allies are urging him to hire a ceo to run obamacare. in a center for american progress founded by the president's own adviser, john podesta, so far the white house isn't biting, but is this proof to private market and not uncle sam should be in charge of health care in america. we have charlie gasparino here along with dana. >> it would be amazing if someone could manage the complicated process and hold someone accountable when they screw up and never make mistakes. it wouldn't happen because it would tip the hat of the white house and admit failure, but would it help fix this problem? ablutely. >> charlie, what do you think? >> it may help fix the problem. one of the things about fixing the problem that this gets put into wk and doesn't work. that is one of the problems that i think even if you -- >> but a similar -- the ceo -- the lousy system works better. the problem is, obamacare doesn't pay for itself. it
more like the economy and obamacare. nevertheless, mrs. clinton needs this to go away, does she not? this could be a problem for her? >> i don't want to speculate. i just am shocked that it a major newspaper in the united states would have the same talking pointed that the administration had the day after the event. if you recall, i was on this they okay the same time that susan rice was on the 12th saying hey, clearly this was an organized, if not al qaeda. >> five sunday shows. >> exactly. i was on the same show theakd. would and that narrative never changed. >> the video, that obscure little video was at the center of this attack and that was reported again in the "new york times," the conclusion was that video kind of fueled the attack that night in benghazi. but, wasn't it the case that catherine herridge reviewed and fox news did the report, catherine filed it that all these social media posts that were examined, i think it was about 4,000 showed no mention of that video until the day after the benghazi attack. so, again, i'm not following the "new york times" reporting on thi
appreciate it. >>> we're hours away from obamacare tax hits, and it's not just for the rich. families, what you need to know right now. >> isn't this rich? one democrat says the number of obamacare enrollees is so low because americans think that the law doesn't exist. really? >>> after the celebrating, the tax bill, reality. because in 2014 americans will be on the human being for a bunch of obamacare taxes, and if you think it's only going to hit the rich, think again. patrick says he is an investigative reporter and has gone through some of these tax hikes. let's talk about some of them off the top, patrick. i don't think most of americans understand what is going to hit them in just about 24 hours or so. >> i don't think the obama administration understands what is in their law. but there was a great op-ed this morning talking about a new sales tax that obamacare is implementing on insurance premiums, and the great takeaway of that, i was fascinated to read, was that applies to individual, to families, for instance, families in maine are going to be paying $5,500 a year more for insuran
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